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The school reserves the right to dismiss a student on the following grounds:
1.Whose diligence of progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory.
2.Whose conduct is harmful to other students.
3.If he/she is absent without leave or unexplained absence for more than 10 consecutive days.
4.If arrears of fee accumulate beyond three months.
5.If any student found guilty of mal-practices in connection with tests and examination.


1.No leave of absence is granted except on previous written application from parents/guardians and only for serious reasons.
2. (a) If a child is absent on grounds of ill-health, medical certificate should be submitted along with the parents application for sick leave.
(b) No child who is ill should be sent to school until he/she recovers fully or else he/she may have to be sent home at the discretion.
(c)If there be any infectious disease in your home please report the fact to the Principal at once and do not send your child to class till the danger of infection has passed.
(d)On independence and Republic Day student must attend the school programme.

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